Jorge Luis Borges: The University should insist us old and others. If he insists on it own and contemporary, the University is useless because it is expanding a function that already meets the press Latin America needs a professional committed to his development and the universities and institutions of the continent are working to form it. Of all the characteristics required in the new graduates, two are truly unavoidable. See what are these features and what new citizens which have need in the region: 1. We need a graduate with leadership skills: when strong winds raging and the storm roars threatening it is necessary that lifting of leaders capable of driving the ship to a safe port. It can be said that the 21st-century storm threatens in with becoming the most dramatic hurricane of which it becomes aware. For this reason it is desirable to have a University building through suitable leaders to lead without dominating; drivers without subjugating; govern without depressing; guiding without abusing.

Latin America has lived the crossroads of various leaderships and all they have received their inheritance: a few good times and bad times. Most of the peoples of the mestizo continent have due support within their Governments leaders who do not live to politics as it should be but the policy with which they neglect their obligation to sacred and inescapable serve their people and comply with the ambition to unhealthy, selfish and dark meet their personal or family projects. The Prussian leader Otto Von Bismarck argued that the politician thinks of the next election; the statesman, in the next generation. In that sense, it is valid the University to design a curriculum in which privilege the formation of new and transparent leadership sustained by the desire to serve communities, other persons, the present generation and their children and their children’s children. Latin America is waiting for leaders who think of the needs of the people and to achieve that long-awaited changes occur in benefit of the development of peoples.