Gold Price

It seems that he often saw such a picture. Geron bought a bell, not even trying to lower the price, although it is in this store all the prices were treaty. In the meantime, wrap the purchase, he explained to the antiquary, with a view to buy such a thing. – Just do not know how to do so in such a call could not call twice – Geron said .- I mean, that between impacts must be specified interval. – I understand – the old man said, and smiled again .- It seems to me that I can help you with this. I have a friend whom I have given some things to repair. He has, you know, gold hands.

I am sure he will definitely help you. I will write to him. Heron thanked the old man and immediately went to the address provided. The man to whom he had come, listened attentively to an unusual request, inspected the bell and thought. Master's expression was clear that this problem interested him. Finally, he looked at the Heron. – You know that.

Leave me your thing and contact phone number. If I get something, I'll call you. – What if fail? – Geron said. The man laughed. – Well, of course, I'll call you and in this case. Three days later the order was ready. From the old bell was left only the button, when clicked, and heard the fascinating sound. But how would you do not put pressure on her next shot sounds no sooner than the end first.