First Aid For Your Wet Phone

Ways to save wet smartphones a brief inattention is enough, and the beloved phone is wet. Usually the off for delicate electronics. All data, images and contacts go for a swim, often they are irrevocably deleted. If your phone is wet once, also a repair comes too late. Quick help is needed now! The Internet offers many tips and tricks to fix water damage to smartphones and mobile phones. The phone should be saved with alcohol or rice; spoken there by dry with the dryer or on the heater.

But often these hasty actions contribute to the total destruction of the phones. So far, there were no effective method that guarantees could save a Smartphone has become wet or mobile. The company MG-4U now offers the solution: the dry-all emergency kit, which promises immediate rescue in the event of water damage. Thanks to the innovative drying technology guarantees the dry-all emergency kit properly applying the rescue of the phones to 100%. Each phone is dry it within 48 hours and Thus once again functional.

All data are retained and are available as usual. Who wants to get a first impression of the new product, can download a free white paper on the Web site, which describes the ways to the rescue of have become wet cell phones and Smartphones. Among other things, the conventional first aid methods in the white paper listed and the risks explained to understand. The download is free of charge and offers valuable tips on what to do in the event of water damage. Active on MG-4U which is existing Nuremberg group MG-4U nowadays mainly in two fields of business for more than 20 years. New products for the company itself but also for external clients to be developed, improved, and nationally and internationally distributed in their own marketing area. Still the company is exclusive distributor independently in the import and export working and for various brands. About HPL,. L.L.C.. The company, based in the United States, HPL, LLC. provides high-quality display molecular dehumidifiers since 1964 here. Their products was originally used to protect from moisture-sensitive military equipment. The products were developed a few years ago, and the company opened up with the emergency kit, in addition to other products for the dehumidification, a new global market. The Notfalkits are used nowadays in the dehumidification of wet cell phones, iPods wet, wet cameras and other electronic gadgets. Contact: For questions contact please: group MG-4U Markus Guntzel heinrichstrasse 12 90439 Nurnberg Tel. 0911-4106491 fax 03212-1145044