Emotional Harmonization

When we thought about the phrase Emotional Harmonization, immediately usually they arise ideas to us like: Inner balance, internal peace, to be very well with one same one, to enjoy more the life, to feel us far better, to have major available energy to do what we wished, to live without fear, not to look for the extreme perfection in everything, to be more patient and respectful, to better relate us to the others, not to turn sand grains into mountains, to have desire to totally enjoy the day when rising to us, etc. To be desarmonizados emotionally, means that we are fragmented or we divided inner. This division or lack of union, means that we cannot balance ours to think, to feel and to act. We are going to give some examples that us can indicate a lack of inner integration, between which we thought, we felt and we acted. – Think that we are going to stop smoking, but really we do not make it. – To say in the morning when rising to us, that we are not going away to infuriate by any situation, but immediately we become a to anger.

– To promise that we will not look for more lack or defects in our person nor in others, and to the minute we are criticizing or judging some friend or friend. – Want to solve some pending situation, but we let always it for morning. – To feel that it is necessary to make nutritional a diet suitable, but we let pass the days without taking no action. These examples, indicate to us that there is a lack of emotional harmonization or internal unit. In order to begin to produce some changes that can help us to harmonize to us emotionally, it is necessary to know the operation the cerebral hemispheres and the four functions of it brings back to consciousness. .