Undergraduate Exchange Program

– Can foreign students in the Czech Republic to work in a university? Are you aware of such cases? – Yes. For example, we at the Institute of Entrepreneurship There are 3 foreign students in the department that deals with foreign students and exchange programs. In general, if administration of the university student looking for a job, our students are from Russia, Ukraine, have advantage – the possession of several foreign languages. – Can foreign university students to participate in the Czech Republic international exchange programs? – From this year for foreigners who study in universities Czech Republic, see Undergraduate Exchange Program 'ERASMUS'. Each institution is the Czech partner institutions in different countries, allowing students for 3-10 months to train for the exchange abroad, receiving a grant. This program funded by the European Union. – Is it possible to combine study at undergraduate and graduate programs in the Czech university in the presence of higher education? – Yes, there are no restrictions.

Can be trained simultaneously at several universities, if student will have time to attend classes and pass examinations. Take into account that in graduate programs in the Czech Republic is hard enough to learn, a lot of specialized subjects, written works. Many people wonder whether one can learn in Masters in the Czech Republic free of charge. Free education in the Czech Republic provided for a term not exceeding 6 years. If the student learns to 7 years, the last year will pay for their education. But much depends on the particular institution, the specialty and faculty, because it happens that for some specialties department provides training for free.