The writer and poet Vaz Luis of Cames nothing more made that to transcribe the thematic directors who constitua with priority code of a social group (the Portuguese). was in this group that if dislocated the myth constituent, therefore so that the workmanship is considered literary, in the direction of being cultured or great symbolic reach, this needs to be recognized as such for the social group that if appropriated of the consagradora definition. Rank this, conclue that each society chooses its rites and together with them its myths. As much, that I not only eat in the Lusadas the mitificao of contents, sorts, workmanships and authors practical are consecrated in elapsing of the history, therefore we have historical examples of texts that, changedding itself into representative workmanships of its time, is cultuados until the present, for its literary qualities. However, leaving of the estimated one that for Cames, in the same way that the myth became more than a coletnea on deuses, starting to consolidate of a form to think and conscience, the study of subjects, it can be abided less by contents and more to the literary processes.

Rank that, if the idea persists, if also transmuda it to each new text produced for its gide. Over all, the text produces universes mythical, nominating and becoming real the imaginary cambiante of the societies, making to operate it recombinations in the original contents for it used modifying the way to think the existing one. Thus being, if it forgets it myth as synonymous nonsense and fantasiosas and improbable lies or narratives attributed deuses, starting to enxergar it as importance key in the conception of what he is infinite.