The Likeness

When we realize that what happens to us happens to us to others and what happens to others happens to ourselves, opens the compassion, universal love, spirituality and makes human beings patients, open, accessible, comprehensive, creative. In his dissertation, Dr. Gallegos argues that spiritual intelligence allows us to discern that we are living in a human experience but we are spiritual beings, we have Buddha-nature, there is a vision fundamental of our nature such as: Conciencia-verdad-happiness. Intelligence spiritual, in the likeness of our biological origins has a DNA, which are the principles that allow us to understand its nature, it is, how it works, and are as follows, is better love than hate, is better the truth than lie, is better good evil, better knowledge than ignorance, is better balance that endsIt is better to receive, is better peace than violence, is better attention than neglect, is better than suffering happiness and recognize that, we are spiritual beings. With the base of these philosophical principles, you can see that spiritual intelligence is a superior reality, and being outside the material transcends is transferred to the ego, to attachments, and is universal, any human being can find their inner peace and overcome himself, but it is essential to enable this spirituality that can only be captured the eye of contemplation. Something that I cannot fail of touching in this essay are the 10 principles of the intelligence spiritual, tell us much of what we should practice to reach another level of consciousness, and they are, better love is hate, is better the truth than lie, good is better that evil, is better than ignorance knowledge, it is better to give than to receiveIs better peace that violence, better attention than neglect, is best happiness than suffering, we are spiritual beings, of which some were already part of my life but I think that I will continue in the full development of them..