The potential of such products is huge – it will only use the increasing demand. How many people around the world are buying computers and programs for them? Did you know that the world has one billion computers? Did you guess about the potential of this market? What would you do if you have an opportunity to get every time at least a couple cents from a billion trades? What would you say to a proposal to become part owner of the store with a potential audience of buyers? The solution here is simple – affiliate programs of leading manufacturers of software available. Usually any more or less large software development, including anti-virus and firewalls, offers the opportunity to earn in its affiliate. Compensation can be very different, but usually it is about a 20% per sale license, and that an average of $ 10-20 – just a lot of money. Money for advertising a product, which is not ashamed to do it! In the scope of this article does not include consideration of effective earnings in affiliate programs – the materials for this topics in RuNet enough.

I just want to note that an important point here is the good knowledge of the product sold. Practice shows that success in affiliate programs are usually sought only by those who themselves using the product. Otherwise, there is a situation – 'shoemaker without shoes. " 🙂 Do you agree? What else do I want to add … Recently there were also options for earning a license sale of software for network marketing scheme (the same SOFTMLM), and it is in principle not very good. It's no secret that the product of many MLM companies 'far-fetched', but its prices are too high.

Use as good quality fully licensed software can make a lot of people reconsider their views on MLM. For some scheme to work – here everyone decides for himself. In the first case you will only result from their actions. Whereas the second – the result of work of a whole team. There has never running the basic principle of network marketing – 'It is better to get 1% on the efforts of 100 people than 100% of your own efforts! " In this farewell! Clean traffic to you and licensed software!