Looks like the next day? Just as well. And another the next? Just as well. And another one? 7. Fatigue, izmotannost, apathy, laziness When the job is not like, and walk on it should be (and 5 days a week from morning to evening), the will to live disappears very quickly. You get tired in the evening want to come and fall onto the couch, and on weekends too lazy get out of the house. Apathy, laziness, did not want to.

8. No prospects you realize that if everything goes on as is now, few prospects for you – no. Well, can pick up in office. Can be promoted to higher positions. Earn more. And all the same – clear ceiling. And anyway – work.

5 days a week. From morning to night. Just on more attractive terms. The same nonsense – but in a beautiful package. And then-then what? Correctly. NO-CHE-GO. 9. All your Places lived in the same way you can be, and would be happy to live differently, but how to do it when all the people with whom you communicate, live the same way? Friends – the same frazzled as you are. Also go to work, earn about the same money, and also know they do not know how to live differently. There are no people who could support you and tell where to go to live differently. 10. At any time, may dismiss, life is unpredictable and unstable when you get a job, you are attracted by the idea of "stability." Once a month you will get money. Known in advance the sum. And suddenly – the crisis, reduction, dismissal! No money, no work, what to do – is unclear. Until You go to work, working for someone else – no stability can not be. Because any time you can end up with nothing. For guidance it is not difficult one phone call. Is it all right with you? If in some of these problems did you find my life, I have news for you three (incidentally, both are good): 1) These problems are solved. 2) They decided to have a lot of people. 3) There is a step by step procedure to solve them, you can learn. And this does not necessarily engage in network marketing, trade on the exchange or to be educated economist. Everything is much simpler. There is an easy way to find a guaranteed deal that will bring you and the money (as much as you need), and fun every day.