Moises Wasserman

The previous Government had disregarded this request, which was included in a bill that reformed some articles of the law 30.Sin however, to the surprise of the guiding, in the proposed reform to the system that the Government introduced in days past was not included.In the past 13 years, our budget has remained fixed with the index of prices to the consumer () in 2009 became an addition of 70,000 million pesos, which is very little for the system of 32 public universities with 600,000 students. That money has not finished paying and is only adding that have made at that time, said the rector of the National University, Moises Wasserman. In the proposal, the Government proposes to grant to the public a 1 percent additional to the IPC in 2012, 2 percent in 2013 and a 3 per cent prop 2014 and 2019. For the universities, however, it will not be enough to survive with the number of students who have, in addition to the commitment to increase, increasingly, its enrollment.Ten years ago, the cost per capita for each student of the Universidad de los Andes and the Nacional was the same. Today, the cost per student of the national is the third part in a student’s of the Andes, emphasizes Wasserman, who believes that the additions raised the Government are palliative insufficient, given the economic responsibilities that must be assumed by the universities.There are requirements arising from new laws that have governed the salary of teachers according to their academic productivity, have increased the costs of social security for all employees and have substantially modified the structural requirements for educational facilities. Likewise, the improvement of the quality system has required more best laboratories, libraries, places of study and areas of well-being, adds the rector of the private Nacional.Dinero at the University Publishedin the presentation of the proposal, President Juan Manuel Santos clarified that public resources are limited and face that reality, proposes that the private company put your grain of sandeven in the public University for providing support and improvement of the educational service, and the development of research projects and productive projects, according to the standard contemplates it.