March Very

While brands medium and high are committed to very colorful, and Aztec prints the low cost as for instance opt for flowers. This is lookbook March of Stradivarius where we can see some trends that tread strong this season: sweatshirts for formal Street looks (refrain hoods and signs), halftime, the timeless tweed jackets lace that already is a basic in all cabinets, soleil pleat for romantic skirts or irregular, short skirts at the front and long at the backaccessories metal whether they are necklaces, bracelets or belts, flowers and retro prints and that Yes, the mixture of youth and playful looks impossible stampings. In all, not I will hesitate adapt to my locker in coles pastel sweatshirts to accompany a few cigarettes and give a casual air to my looks. Soleil it is already part of my wardrobe but surely pleat which will drop something else soon. The floral pattern I am looking for my own, not I would go more like four people when he feels me on a terrace to take in my aperitif, and the jackets of tweed that I already have a couple of signings on the verge of entering House. Your brand what is low preferred cost? Which of these trends do not miss in your spring wardrobe? A signature month follow with his style of eternal youth, but which is not thus be repeated everytime it shows a new lookbook is no easy task.

And who does his job to perfection is Stradivarius: their new proposals are fresh, jovial and very wearable. It follows a very marked, but not thereby falls into the routine and the boring. Every time I am more fan of this signature and why what you have in the form of images. Trends remain them same (or similar) than those of other years but with variations: this white crochet skirt combined with a stradivarius jean clothing could well be last year, but not: with lace shoulders make the difference. I still like. A garment that you liked me? Type Chanel tweed jacket with denim details. You know: renew or die.

Is not great news that say that the flowers will be a stamping of the defendant. Long ago that we speak of them as trend Star (among others). But if these come together with stripes make a good fashion stradivarius. And if what it going is the mixture of a same stamping but very different between Yes test with flowers liberty and others in XXl, do you think? A garment that I want Yes or Yes? Jean dyed green military shirt. As soon as I saw her I thought: must be in my closet. As it could not be otherwise, the looks-based pastel colors must be present. And displays a button: this time the color star is sky blue, you like it? I am very in favour of the mixture of styles: achieve a different look. Why I love this outfit based on romantic dress with a jean jacket. Last year I bought some shorts of crochet that, honestly, not I took them all season. For this reason, if you do not have one and find these for yourselves with them: out of more than one tight spot. Color make-up will be present, although the yellow or Green Mint reinen in stores.And if you like what plug-ins, in this new lookbook show us a small preview of your jewellery collection.