Like Uncle Scrooge

Have you ever noticed? – Save only the poor! "Not true" – some would say. Vaughn, too rich save. "Not true" – I answer. In this case, they are also poor. I bought a cheaper – to save money! Or, "saved a dollar – earned dollar. " Like Uncle Scrooge liked talking of "DuckTales." When you save, you are literally creating money out of thin air.

This process is so fascinating that there is a desire to save at every opportunity. Then you can create money out of thin air every time you buy something. An amazing magic! Here it is a nugget – ball money without extra effort! But, as we know it is just fumbled cheese in a mousetrap. The idea that the economy is good for your wallet and life in general – a brazen lie. Because the effect of the economy is completely the opposite. Meanwhile, most likely you have not yet traced the chain of cause effect relationships.

Do not rush. Now we all face it. To understand why the economy keeps people in poverty, let's take a look "poor" in my head (I hope you did not take it literally) and see how he thinks, and what consequences it brings. So, the logic of the poor: "To meet the requirements needed money (captain obvious). Every month I get a fixed amount of money. And, since my needs far exceed my income, and it does not depend on me, I have to minimize your costs to get the most out of the money that I have. Since my goal – to minimize costs, then I need effective tool that will allow me to achieve my goal.