Keys Advertising

Orchestrate an effective Google advertising campaign should include the proper configuration of many different aspects. On the one hand, they are all topics related to ads itself, how to compose the texts of the Google advertising is vital to capture the intended public. The same level of importance, and the same effect on the performance of Google advertising has the selection of keywords. The same will directly determine the audience to which the guideline is intended. However, one aspect that, often, does not receive due attention is how the landing pages are composed, is tell the page that directs the advertising link in Google. When the notice is properly configured and written, surely, we will achieve several visits. This is positive. However, if the page you reach these users does not meet its objective efficiently, our conversions will be very bad.

We will not only lose silver because of users who do not materialize sales, i.e., considering all those sales that never ended up close and the profits it generates. But that these negative rates will directly impact on the levels of quality of our advertising on Google. Let us remember that Google applies a quality score to the advertising guidelines. When the level is good, will result in possible discounts to pay per click agreed, while our notices are better positioned. It is worth remembering that a better positioning of Google advertising notices impacts directly on the effectiveness of the same, being best placed prompts those who better pay. Therefore it is necessary to work on the landing pages and make us their maximum effectiveness.

How to achieve this? There are many important factors that influence the quality of the landing pages: design, time of load, usability, writing the text, etc. are you able to make and configure landing pages of quality? How to control your performance? Do know what a Split test? How to apply it? These and many more questions are answered on mastering Google Adwords, the tool for advertising in Google that will give you all the necessary weapons to their ads yield the fruits that you expect. Dominate Google Adwords is probably the most popular e-book on the subject of advertising on Google. Find out why every day it thickened the grateful users list, and you also become part of the team of winners. Mastering Google Adwords is the definitive e-book on advertising on Google.