It Is Important To Define What Will Be Your Goals

By Marco Antonio Ontiveros Hdez.Profesional of professional yCorredor with CobranzMotivador in business or when you participate in athletic careers, the most important is the goal. I just started my third cycle, or rather, my third year of racing. My home in athletics will yield with the Nike 2006 10 K race. To date, June 2009, have participated in 17 10 K runs, and a half marathon which are 21 kms with almost 100 meters. In reality, never had seen me as a participant of the races, to tell the truth, at the beginning I felt very little corridor, what’s if I’m aware of what charity is the exercise for my body and my health; These two important reasons is that I decided to start me in the corridor stage from July 2006. I am not of those belonging to the passionate club run every day at 5 a.m.; career Nike 2007, this type of runners was called them poster ENDORPHINS, which are corridors of truth. I started by cardio routines, basic to lower weight and my body started to get used to the exercise again; I started to run every third day 2 to 3 miles on a treadmill and I felt that I could participate in a small race, perhaps 5 kms.

I participated in one race of a laboratory doctor 5 KMS in the center of the city of Mexico, and to measure the State of my body, that race walked it!. The challenge that was in front of me was to not give me up and show me myself that if it could do it. I finished the carrera-caminata without any problems and I spent the first test. From that moment, I decided to participate in the races that it would allow my personal and professional life I. VI a notice to enroll in the Nike 2006 race and caught my attention that would be simultaneously in several countries and I signed up.