Is Mateus Manoel

The fight is stopped ' cabra' it is strong, does not surrender easily, exactly fighting against two feras enraged and with hunger of revenge. During the shock, Higino tried to take it to it knife, but in the sudden pulled one, the sharp blade cut off the right thumb to it. The adrenalin was strong, it ruins only perceived it, when already it came back toward house. The fight recrudeoke, the bludgeon fell, until finally, Manoel de Brito tumbles in an abrupt declivity, this situation they obtains to take it to it knife. ' cabra' solua gasping, is almost without forces.

At that moment, they had decided to eliminate of time the disaffection, had fear of a posterior revenge. Cravaram to it two machete blows, but in a last effort, Manoel obtain to esquivar themselves and are feigned deceased, fortunately penetrated to it only among the ribs. After the revenge, the avengers if had raised and run away, but fortunately of the destination, happily Mr. Higino did not become in that day an assassin. He was proven in fact, that Manoel de Brito was very strong, therefore after this sova obtained to recover, but never more he was the same, he was with the all entrevado body and started to depend on the others to survive. This crime practised for Higino relieved it many years of suffering and anguish. Manoel was inhabitant of Adriano de Augustin and this did not leave for less, envidou all its efforts to botar the Higino in the chain.

Taking pains of its inhabitant, Adriano denounced the aggressor in the Body of Municipal Guarda of Is Mateus. The situation was complicated, accusation of attempt of deliberate homicide and still with an aggravating one, the participation of Caetano, this relieved it a great process and an effective mandate of arrest. Now Higino was in extreme squeeze, pursued for Adriano and looked by the police guard.