He treats yourself to keep an atmosphere of incessant search for the form knowledge that exists conscience of the necessity of if renewing and recycle. Thus, pupil and professor would search, together, knowing, breaching with practical and instrucionais positions that impregnate the education. These expositivas lessons must remain surpassed! Professors and learning are integrant parts of one all, where the first ones, for the accumulated experience, will go to interact with these, stimulating them, despertando them the desire for learning to learn. Finally, the professor before the learning must be the provoker, instigating to the communication and knowing. That is, he must behave itself as ' ' one engenheiro' ' that of the propitious conditions the interaction and participation of all. Interaction between the participants The interaction of the participants is direct consequence of the capacity that the professor possesss of raising intriguing questions that will go to move all the classroom to a debate or directed quarrel.

This will allow an interchangeability enters the perceptions of the participants, culminating in the improvement of the capacity to reorganize ideas, points of view and, in last instance, the construction of one to know critic in detriment of that it is automatized and mechanic. The classroom must possess conditions that propitiate gnese of interactive pupils, whom they know to articulate emission-reception in the process of construction of the knowledge Cognitivas abilities affective The learning can be faced, for many, as a process strict technician, as: to decorate mathematical formulas, to carry through fixamentos of texts, articles and books. But it is necessary to go beyond the simple gradual and constant retention of the information. It is important, therefore, the association of the binomial information and application. If one of them will be absent or deficient, the pupil will not become thus independent and independent and, will not have conditions to manage itself exactly, a time that when coming across itself with situations and facts that ' ' fogem' ' to the repetitive model, presented it in the pertaining to school and academic environment, will not be capable to process the information, becoming hostage of understanding, analyses and evaluations of outrem.