HR Manager

I knew that there was a place for him, he was sure that would get it, although he did not know how, but this was not worried. Finally, a company that was actually in which wanted to work, and with the same response is too much for the post responded I do it free!. At the beginning the human resources manager was surprised, silent. She stared at him, as if he would like to know if it was serious. As there was no sign of joke, lowered his eyes, again on the curriculum of this person, rereading it. Really there was much preparation for what the job required. However, the attitude of this person as soon as saw that the efiieient Manager, he insisted a little more for to hire him had so excited:-ask your help!-he said, almost begging if I can’t get this working, albeit making it free, I’m going to go home every day, and I don’t know what I will say to my wife. I’m going to feel depressed, I will feel like a useless, a type that is useless, and not love you go ahead! Please, let me go ahead, let me work for free! Shocked, the HR Manager hired him.

This man worked each day as if his salary of the President of the company. Your attitude, your provision, your poise were really unique. Guess how long lasted in that role, working free: only 10 days. As soon as there was a vacancy in another sector (a manager who retired by family problems), that of human resources recommended that our friend (this time Yes pay you a salary according to his post). What would have happened if he lost the attitude, stopped believing that it was possible, most every failure? From this story it is concluded that there are two types of people in the world: those who get that are proposed and which will have excuses, stories and justifications for why did not get what they wanted.