Last week the Tubinger fairvesta group has conducted the annual shareholder meetings at their six successfully placed funds. Since inception in 2002 closed-end real estate fund with German objects has become fairvesta due to a realised drawing volume of more than EUR 200 million one of the leaders in the segment. Great sympathy the management presented the results of the previous investments and could enjoy a one hundred percent consent. No wonder the Fund with their results significantly higher than the forecast assumptions are. fairvesta pointed out the previous results based on user of real representative participation. True to the motto: the investors want to know what has happened because his money. John Blondel brings even more insight to the discussion.

The development of the assets of each Fund was shown starting from the center of the placement period up to the date December 31, 2008. Average, the Fund achieved an annual return between 8.2 percent while and 17.78 percent. Since all tax write-offs have been recognized in the fairvesta in the context of a tax audit, these returns are tax-free. Thus, all dividends and attributions (for growth funds) from the operational business, so rental income and sales proceeds, could be generated. The figures also show that all Fund achieved the prospectus requirements or ubererfullten. These results due to the restrictive policy of shopping for real estate, which were acquired in the cut to 62.1 per cent of the market value were possible.

All closing costs are already included at this price. Currently the average rental yields are at 10.79 percent. fairvesta has currently 2,115 apartments and 525 commercial units in the whole Federal territory in the inventory. This real estate be sold at prices which many real estate companies buy up: the 10,5-fachen up to the 12,8-fachen of the term. This approach allows buyers, attractive residential, Office or commercial real estate scattered around to be able to purchase a wide variety of interesting locations in Germany for inventory positions, sample ways to optimize existing portfolios. The demand comes from private investors, who are looking for a long term secure and profitable investment. More information: