Digital Transfer Printing

The T-Shirt quick press GmbH from Bubenreuth nformiert are many different ways to print on textiles and to create his own creations. The digital transfer print, often referred to as photo-print, is the simplest and cheapest form of pressure. This method is particularly suited to all fonts, logos and photo elements. The T-Shirt quick press GmbH textile print shop from Bubenreuth informs the digital transfer printing as a variant of the textile finishing. So the fabric gets its distinctive motif at the digital transfer printing is the desired motif mirrored printed with a color laser printer or copier on a special transfer paper. Then cut out the subject as desired. The motive under pressure and at a high temperature directly on the fabric to be printed is then printed with a press.

This procedure is almost every subject to bring up. However, this works only conditionally on colored and dark textiles because here the color cover is difficult to achieve. Therefore, the digital transfer printing for light is suitable Best textiles. The digital transfer printing is the quick and easy way to print any template on textiles and offers further advantages: – pictures or images can be printed with unlimited colors on light textiles – photos is an unlimited number of colors available and gradients are possible production of small quantities possible – implementation is fast and inexpensive this kind of pressure suitable for textiles, for which no long-lasting effects are to be achieved. For spontaneous or one-off events such as young gas Ellen farewells, a printed shirt is so well suited after this procedure.