Digital Estate

Semno adjusts the digital estate all traces and information among digital estate, leave the people on the Internet and the PC. Hardly anyone meets precautionary measures for their own digital legacy so that the members therefore have to worry and are so often overwhelmed. The company Semno specializes in the professional regulation of digital heritage and offers a competent point of contact on the subject of digital papers for the first time in Germany. The experienced grief companion Birgit Aurelia Janetzky founded the company Semno a year ago together with the computer expert Marc goals ski. The pioneers make since to the task, demanding control of the digital estate to help survivors. 74 percent of the people in Germany use the Internet, 30 percent of which are more than ten hours per week online.

When these people die, they leave not only material things, but countless virtual data traces in our digital age. Whether public user profiles, personal photos, or completed online Contracts: All information is retained even after death. Particularly controversial is that orphan profiles and user accounts into increasingly targeted by fraudsters. To protect yourself from identity theft and to prevent financial losses, the timely use of professional help is recommended. Also hidden data to the surface, material or immaterial matter for the heirs come through the careful analysis of the digital tracks. Often located in the digital estate assets and values, where the relatives know nothing about: domain registration, credits with a payment service, avatars in online play, credits in photo communities or an unpublished manuscript in the online store. To lift these treasures for the relatives, we made our mission”, explains managing director Birgit Aurelia Janetzky Semno. The digital discount many heirs is a book with seven seals.

This knowledge opens up Semno. The user will be carefully and competently during the Control of digital heritage and support. The discrete analysis of the sensitive data is adopted, potential security gaps and important data saved. Thus, Semno and digital allows a dignified farewell. Semno (UG): The company Semno is a Freiburger start-up company that specializes in early 2010 on the regulation of the digital estate of the deceased. On the basis of a detailed analysis of hardware and Internet usage of the deceased relatives can decide what data to be backed up and deleted.