Choose Perfume

Extract or perfume: it is the one with the highest concentration of aromatic essence, this is going from 18% and can reach up to 40% alcohol mixed with high concentration. It usually occurs in small bottles and has a very intense aroma. It requires only a few drops on the wrists, back of knees and ankles, among others, to be perfumed. Experts recommend applying it with the plug, not fingers, to avoid contamination and use it at night. Its duration is about 7 hours Eau de Parfum (Perfume Water) is the same formula of the perfume but contains a lower percentage of aromatic essences mixed with alcohol usually 90 , they range between 10% and 19% .

You can use every day, in greater quantities than the extract and in the same areas it. Its duration is about 4-6 hours Eau de Toilette (Water toilet) is the lighter version in the family of perfumes, ideal for use in informal occasions. It has a concentration which varies between 5% and 10% of aromatic oils alcohol usually 85 and 2% of essence. Experts recommend not applying to the skin, but on clothing. Its duration is about 3-5 hours Eau de Cologne (Water of Cologne) for many is the best choice for everyday use because it is the most refreshing and diluted version. It has a fairly low concentration, between 3% and 5%, mixed in water and 70 per cent alcohol. Its duration is about 3 hours Eau Fraiche (fresh water) is lighter and refreshing cologne so many houses have launched a fragrance ideal for those who practice outdoor activities. It has a heart rate ranging between 1% and 3%, the latest version does not contain alcohol to prevent stains on the skin. Given the softness of the scent can be applied several times a day.