Board Parquet

It is stable to changes in temperature and humidity. Easy to installation and is protected with varnish or oil, and its three layers – of a strong and valuable wood. In short, parquet board – great outdoor stuff, is not conceding any than parquet. As practice shows, the finest material can be spoiled untalented installation. Therefore the choice of contractors for laying parquet should be carried out simultaneously with the choice of material.

In as a justification for this position, experts give the following arguments: parquet board each manufacturer has its own characteristics, causing the nuances of laying, installation floorboard is different from laying flooring, although it has much in common. Therefore, experts are unanimous in their recommendation: buy Floorboards should those companies, which is composed of units engaged in laying the parquet. Moreover, informal conversation (not on tape) are advised to talk with the owners of the objects on which team handlers have worked … BASED – BASE long trouble-free service life of coatings in the U.S. floorboard largely determined by the quality of training grounds on which board fits.

Uneven ground can spoil the appearance of any, the most beautiful, flooring and significantly reduce service life. Experience shows: 80-90% of the defects do not occur due to lack of material (manufacturing defects, improper storage, etc.), but due to incorrect installation or improper preparation of the base. K base the following requirements: evenness and smoothness. Maximum allowable level difference of 1-3 mm per meter, based on there should be no bumps, hollows.