The Simplest

The story of furniture is closely linked with the history of architectural styles and is a special branch of the decorative arts. Individual styles gave rise not only to specific types and furniture design, but also new ideas about the composition of the interior in general. In addition, a marked influence on the decorative and partly composite, especially the furniture had a national tradition, way of life. Sure, the furniture should be comfortable creating comfort that allows to feel the harmony of your home. A man comfortable in the house that reflects their tastes and equipped in accordance with his preferences. The word furniture comes from the French – meuble. This is the main piece of equipment space.

It is used as the furniture, which combines the properties of several kinds, such as arm-chair. Several functions in one product achieved a constructive transformation locking of individual items. Furniture can be classified as hard, soft and semi-soft. Furniture actively involved in the artistic interior organization, making a special branch of decorative art, and now as the area of Design. Among the artistic resources of furniture includes texture, texture and color, which is achieved by a variety of different methods of surface treatment products.

Upholstered furniture may be of different designs, it's sofas, couches, chairs and footstools. In the modern interior for upholstery, added additional requirements. It's no secret that most houses built in 70-80 years, have small apartment. Often living in many apartments is also a bedroom. This provided the prerequisites for creating multifunctional furniture. Mechanisms that would be turned into a sofa bed is now enough, the simplest and is a familiar book. Modern furniture sets can be any combination of stand-alone components: For example, triple sofa, chair and ottoman, two double sofas, sofa and three triple chairs, two armchairs, and may form a conglomerate, which has an angular shape and occupies half the area of the living room. Word of the couch was in France, and means – a sofa, small sofa, sometimes with a headboard. Chair or chairs – spacious stool with handrails, armrests. Sofas, chairs and ottomans are sometimes equipped with wheels, and then they can be moved and installed anywhere in the house. This is convenient, because such furniture is mobile. Unlike furniture for kitchen or bedroom furniture can not be self-sufficient. Her choice is complicated by the need to be aware of all items of furniture that will be with her in close proximity: cabinets, shelves, tables, carpets and so on.