Successful Trade Fair Presentation Sisma Spa

Proven standard system for welding and marking, as well as new product for laser cutting on the trade fair LASER world of PHOTONICS from 13.05 to 16.05.2013 Sisma S.p.a.. in addition to the proven standard laser systems for many industrial applications as a novelty has 1000 presents the laser cutting system BCL. This system is characterized by its compact dimensions (approximately 4 m2 footprint) in a work area of 1,250 x 1.000 mm2 from. Linear actuators is a repeat accuracy of +/-15 m with up to 50 m / min cutting speed is achieved. Fiber lasers are used with capacities from 200, 500, and 1,000 watts, the cutting thickness can reach up to 3 mm in steel, non-ferrous and precious metals. The system as a complement to large cutting machines for side quests and pre-production, as well as for foodstuffs and prototype farms was conceived. In addition to this novelty, the universal concept of conditioning LWS was presented.

This system can be fitted both with welding lasers, as well as marking and engraving lasers of Sisma. The 3-axis portal, a the LWS is ideal for many applications in areas of high production spacious processing area and many expansion options (E.g. a contouring for complex CNC machining). The already proven system SWA with the services of 150W and 300W was presented especially for mould making and the order / repair welding. Through the simple three-axis joystick control and standard comfort functions such as path programming, coordinate system definition and pulse excess Lapp this system is suitable both for continuous operation in the service sector, as well as for even inexperienced users in the mould and tool making. As a supplementary system for small welding tasks, but also for the fine and precise welding tasks, for example, in the medical system ch-D open demonstrated many interested visitors with optional, joystick-controlled xyz table.

Due to its ease of use, its minimum training time and its attractive entry price are alone by This system produced 300 units a year. For the field of product labelling, the systems of easy, a desktop labeling system, was ready for those interested. The compact and easy-to-use system is available in power classes from 6W to 50W and allows so flexible and long-lasting product labeling of products made of metal, plastic and ceramic. With target group of system integrators and special machine builders, the laser marking system was interested in included Smarky OEM installation variant into existing or new machine solutions. Even if the trade fair LASER world of PHOTONICS no classical customer mass, but rather an industry meeting, could Sisma but the laser technology and in particular the easy applicability of this technology of the future closer to many national and international visitors.