Slow Digestion In Carrier Pigeons

The crop in healthy pigeons should be emptied in 12 hours if they are fed twice a day and within 24 hours if they are fed once a day. If the emptying of the crop is delayed it can be an indication for the fan that all is not well in the palomar. Often the problem is detected when the birds are collected for a flight in the morning and finds food in their crops from the previous day and these birds do not seem especially hungry, simply because they still have food in their crops, waiting to be digested, since your last meal. And thus, what are possible causes for delay in the emptying of the crop? Easy grouping potential causes of the problem into four categories, namely, problems with food, own crop, the palomar or poultry in general. Crop crop is the area of dilation of the esophagus (the tube that connects the throat to the stomach). It is the initial location at which the ingested food stops.

Itself is a muscular bag whose function is collapsed. At the end of the meal is responsible for pushing food into the stomach bolus. This function will interfere with any inflammation of the wall of the crop. Common causes of infection are Trichomonas, candidiasis and bacterial infections (e. coli often.). Microscopic examination of a sample of fluid taken from the crop, its color, can be used to identify a problem.

Food contaminated with bacteria, fungi, or toxins, low-quality food intake will lead to a slow digestion. The bird a subtle initial form that this breed of birds have tell us that all is not well is a crop that takes too long time emptied. The list of possible causes of the problem is virtually endless.It could be a disease in other parts of the body than not be asociaria in principle with the function of digestion; for example, worms or coccidia.