Quietschige Bath Companion

The triumphal March of the ducks will take further on the good old yellow Spa in the bath of faithful companion of Ernie from Sesame Street, and for lovers of Loriot on everyone’s lips. But since then a lot has been done in the small bathroom attendants. Long did they get out the way out of the bathroom and meet us in various shapes and colours in our everyday lives. Especially as extraordinary advertising enjoys the popularity duck. Hardly to imagine are the popular duck race on small rivers or streams, advertise with which towns and cities every year usually during their holidays for a good cause, the so called fundraising. Here, numbered race ducks will be used for which participants pay a usage amount as in a lottery and vouchers or cash prizes win at victory or good placement. These events are often used by dealer groups or associations. Here, the ducks can serve even as a voucher for a business.

Or how about it because once a Duck bath’? Almost in every major shopping center can be found already a childcare with ball bath”bath studios or companies with customer visit this can be interesting. A bath or corner full of colorful ducks, at best in individual color and form, and while that deal with children with the funny advertising media, the parents alone can be advised. Here are no limits of the imagination. And continues the success of ducks as advertising material. Here comes the openmindz GmbH from Heidelberg in the game. A variety of ducks in a variety of shapes and colors abound already on its Internet site. The Colorducks are new in the product range”: the best-selling Quietscheente Renate was selected as the basic form and can now be purchased in many different colours. From 100 units can be printed the bad duck and already from 1000 units the ducks also individually colored by PANTONE.