Quality Flyer On Recycled Paper Printing

Uhl-media print eco-friendly: flyer, folder, brochures, brochures, and now even more. Uhl-media was known by word of mouth, mainly regional, in the past in Bavaria. The print media were offered individually upon request. Since 2008, a further sales channel offers through the webshop under for the environmentally friendly printed materials of the family business. The Internet offers now the possibility to order the products nationwide or even internationally. So now many customers from Austria and the Switzerland include the users of the online offering by UBA media.

The word of-mouth advertising has been so peu apeu supplemented by online marketing and Web sales. “” “The customers find printing” printing via search terms such as, for example, eco, recycling Flyer “, climate-neutral printing” or eco-friendly printing “in all known search engines. Paper in its manufacture requires large amounts of water, energy and pulp (wood). When using paper from 100% recycled are this each large amounts saved. This is the environment -, nature – and climate then. As a result, the use of recycled paper is generally useful in the Office but also for the printing of brochures, flyers, folders, or other requirements for advertising or Office. The facts of the case, is to check the Internet searchable and even. This can Nachhhaltigkeitsrechner of the initiative pro recycling paper”are used.

Found this on the Internet at. Uhl-media is a partner in this initiative and encourages the use of recycled paper. More than half of all printed materials produced at UBA media on 100% recycled paper! The mega-trend for sustainability and environmental awareness can be used through the use of recycled paper for the customers: Uhl-media offers formulations matching the site at on their for their eco-friendly stationery. These can be the sustainable printing process in a simple way as small text note appear on the printed materials and the readers signal. 2011 Uhl-media GmbH: the eco-friendly printing with personal service and high print quality. Climate-neutral printing. We print ecologically, carbon-neutral, sustainable and 100% recycled papers are in favour.