Murom Radio Engineering Institute

Successfully "pofestivalili" When you love to travel, do not deny yourself the pleasure of this just because of lack of money or expensive cars. So say three pavlovchan Ivan Alexander (creator of the site) and Sergei that in July and August were in Karelia on Youth gathering "Rainbow" in Ryazan at the rock festival "Invasion". Except the desire to see the world, the guys share a common profession, resulting in Pavlovsky automechanical College – Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment. Alexander and Sergey went to the same group, Ivan graduated pamt later. After college boys continued their studies in universities. Having obtained a diploma in Murom Radio Engineering Institute, Sergey works on the Internet. Alexander goes to the Volga State Engineering and Pedagogical University and works part-time at a construction site in the team of electricians, Ivan combines studies in unn im.Lobachevskogo work in oao Pavlovsky Kirov factory hardware. The lake Latpayarvi located near the border with Finland, the guys went on a motorcycle "Iz-planet-5 with a sidecar.

It took them almost five days to an intermediate overnight in tents to get to the "Rainbow". "We drove Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Cherepovets, Lodeynoe field " – they kept sending sms-messages from the road. "Bon Voyage" – the guys want surprised inspectors dps, from time to time stopping a motorcycle with an unusual number of places for those. Week holiday away from civilization near the same lovers of wild journey, the white nights, campfires, the sounds of guitars, Fishing – all day to remember. "Welcome Home" – the slogan of the Karelian festival.

"Home" – this means to the pristine nature of the milieu from which people once went without industry infrastructure, social roles, values and authority of the sort. The road at the "home" and return to the home were successful, the "Iron Horse" did not disappoint, going 3200 miles without any serious damage. At rock festival "Invasion" friends went "hitchhiking". "Voices" on the road trio in our turbulent times not all motorists to be credible, so they had to ask in their cars at petrol stations. Interesting go to "dalneboyschikami", equipped with walkie-talkies. Drivers while driving on them talking among themselves, warn of obstacles, jokes and even tell jokes. From Moscow to Ryazan, traveled in a crowded train, which some extremals taken by storm, climbing into the cars through the windows. Young people sitting not only on the floor, but even on the upper lattice shelves for luggage. Large-scale event on the shores of Lake Walnut observed More than two thousand policemen. On three stages at the same time were well-known musicians, among them – Kipelov, group Chaif, "Agatha Christie", "Aria", "leg cramped", "Bravo" and many others. With an excess of spiritual nourishment from the music and film is almost completely absent for the restoration of normal physical strength. The problem was even with boiling water. But in the case of ill health, medical care was provided immediately. Were provided free of charge additional trains in the way back to Moscow. Among the guests at the Ryazan festival met friends on the Karelian. "Countrymen from – laughing guys – we learned for the persistence with which they demanded "Okskoye" brand beer in kiosks . Humor on "Invasion" was a lot. And unselfish drivers on the roads meet, so a trip to a rock festival without breaking student wallets.