Modern Design

In this regard, it was decided to start production in the old building, but as the start of deliveries more thin shells and move them. The shell itself is made in quite traditional for the company's design. More precisely in the design models a mainstream class. At the very slim monitor, we see a recognizable Gulf for control buttons. We can say that this bay is a must, since such a small thickness of the body outline, buttons, and control electronics simply had no place to place. The monitor has a sleek design, low-key coloristic range of housing and supports, and perfectly fit into any office and home environment. playground monitor has three connectors – a standard analog D-Sub, digital dvi, and a connector for the power cable.

Thus, it is possible to monitor connect two signal source, such as computer and game console or computer and dvd, or Blu-ray player. This combination will give the opportunity to focus on a single renderer all home media space a small apartment or dorm room. To quickly obtain necessary at the moment the picture settings in the monitor provides quick change picture preset modes – Standard, Cinema, Game, Picture, sRGB. In this case, regime change is made by pressing a single button. In general, the menu on the monitor has a huge amount not only pre-but also custom tweaks for experts and advanced users. Environmentally the new trend in creating konsyumerskoy electronics – caring for the environment. In this sense, monitor BenQ G922HDL might like himself yaromu supporter of the environment.