The magazine was founded in San Francisco in November 1967 by Jann Wenner (who remains the or) and music critic Ralph J. Gleason. Initially, the magazine identified with the hippie counterculture, but left the underground press of the time, adopting more traditional journalistic standards and avoiding the radical politics of the underground press. Rolling Stone left a trail for his political reporting in the early 1970s through the end journalism of Hunter S. Thompson. The magazine became so influential in the 1970s that a song was dedicated to him, “Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Dr. Hook The Medicine Show (written by Shel Silverstein), which became a success. The cover and the main articles are illustrated by renowned photographers like Annie Leibovitz.In the 1980s, but continued Thompson and other classical writers of the 1960s and 70s such as Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone had adopted corporate values that previously avoided (eg drug testing of employees). The magazine moved to New York to be closer to the advertising industry. In the early 2000s, faced declining revenue and competition from magazines like Maxim and FHM, Rolling Stone reinvented itself, aiming at younger readers, while taking positions on international political issues as the Middle East situation or the global warming and the economy. Characters like Iggy Pop, Bono, Tom Wolfe and Ken Kesey has written for the magazine. Furthermore, in 2000 began publishing lists of the greatest of all time, a body that has been repeated in several of its international ions, but said their lists to local artists or albums.