Jose Luis

However, the most important thing is what I felt, at least in the first year and a half – this is freedom, not only in the primitive sense, which is now There is a us. – And what's interesting? – Man, as you must know, initially not free, as related to space, time and cause-effect relationships. Went to Spain, I changed the space, time and tore almost all the causal relationships, from the old "baggage>> there was only our favorite" Ponsyuk>>. Believe me, it's funky kicks! You go to Madrid and feel the only person in the world, all the rest, because you without knowing the language, the beautiful scenery. – How are our "Ponsyuk>>? You and he did not swear, he was – a thoroughbred Spanish, you also men with raging>> temperament, not in vain Sirota compare thee to Luspekaevym. – With whom? You do not to be confused? – No, I do about this Kamenkovich told her all the time terrorized "Thomas>> so he took you, but he rested and everything. – Nice course, but the thing of the past.

Here's Jose Luis just suffered an actor for ten years he has played enough to fullest, but again the main thing that a man liked it. From directing him in gitis went wrong, if you remember. – As it turns out, in ten years you have not set any performance? – No, I did it on purpose. Of course, I Jose Luis helped, but only advice, not more.