Jamus Driscoll

Greater creative flexibility: Your marketing staff and developers can now more closely than previously working together to provide the desired brand experience. Smoother and faster results: Demandware provides a large number of open, standards-based API. Merchants must develop no own API and customize. Technical advantages of the Demandware open Commerce API first-class technology without operating expenses: the open Commerce APIs have management functions, are supplied with documentation and offer access to the Demandware community developers. Quickly, easily, and jointly implement innovations: Demandwares predefined and structured open Commerce APIs allow the developer community, quickly and reliably attractive solutions to implement. Secure third-party development: through unique safety key dealer can Manage access permissions of each developer and exert control on API level.

Standard programming languages and facilitating access to information: Your developers can develop in languages with which they are already familiar (Java, PHP, etc.). They can implement faster innovation, by working together with the Demandware developer community. Lower costs: open Commerce APIs enable the rapid development and reuse of system integrations. You reduce the cost, resource requirements and help you to keep up with the current and future needs of the consumer. “Automatic availability and manage our open Commerce API retailers and brand supplier can bring faster and easier innovations on the terminals of the online customers than in the past – and without the construction of an own API development environment”, so Jamus Driscoll, Vice President of marketing for Demandware. Open Commerce API are all retailers, brand manufacturers and affiliates, the the Demandware Commerce Platform operated, provided. More information can be found on the website at. Company description of Demandware: Demandware is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaS) E-commerce solutions.

Companies can thus more easily design their own customized E-commerce sites, implement, and operate. These include Web sites, mobile applications, and other digital offerings. Customers take advantage of the highly scalable and integrated Demandware ecommerce platform, easier several E-commerce sites to build and manage, to initiate faster marketing campaigns, and to increase the use of E-commerce.