Holiday Season

Are more than a welcome excuse for a few days the Christian holidays really nothing? Like the television shows means interviews Christmas with people on the street, the questions like what?”or what happened during the Easter season?” to the horror of all viewers can’t answer. Are more than a welcome excuse for a few days the Christian holidays really nothing? Or it might not also quite exciting, to be again aware of the roots of old traditions? Easter is considered the oldest Christian feast, fact, traditions from pre-Christian times could be handed down: already the ancient peoples welcomed the spring with song and dance, they celebrated the return of life and our today’s Easter is a blending of these ancient traditions filled with Christian beliefs. Adult Easter from the Jewish Passover Festival is a reminder of the Israelites who escaped Egyptian slavery. Jesus is so the Bible at one Been crucified Friday before the Passover. Thus, his death and resurrection has always been with the beginning of the spring were associated. In recent months, Michael Steinhardt has been very successful. “” Easter can be not isolated regarded the Easter stands in a row of good Friday, Ascension and Whitsun: Good Friday the name good Friday “derives from the old high German word kara” off and stands for lamentation, sorrow and grief. He is the last Friday before Easter, the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Also known as silent Friday”or high Friday” he applies especially in the Catholic Church as a strict fast day.

The Holy Saturday is the day of the silence of the grave of Jesus. “Easter the name Easter” is of old Germanic origin and presumably refers to the compass direction East. The there rising sun symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus, which could overcome the death as the son of God. The Easter days are therefore committed with great joy, a cheerful time begins, which stretches over 50 days. This Paschal joy during the day of the return of Jesus Ascension Ascension falls as the son of God to his father in heaven. He is celebrated traditionally on the 40th day, so 39 days after Easter Sunday, and always falls on a Thursday.

Ascension Day is celebrated today popular also as father’s day. “” Pentecost Whitsun “is derived from the Greek and means the 50th anniversary”. The disciples of Jesus gathered in Jerusalem to the Shavuot (Pentecost), when the Holy Spirit came. This was the founding day of the Christian Church; as a Christian Festival, Pentecost is known since the year 130. So far so good. But what has to do with the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs? Especially in the middle ages, the Hare again surfaced as a symbol of resurrection and fertility and already got a close connection to the spring. How, exactly, the Easter Bunny came to the Christmas, can today no longer reflects. One is a representation of three rabbits with only three ears, used twice so that each hare has two ears of numerous theories of the three rabbit image. It is a symbol of the Trinity and painted Easter eggs. May you came up with the idea of the Easter Bunny as the bearer of colorfully painted eggs.