Good Chinese Door – Myth Or Reality ?

Consider the following positive aspects of China's entry metal doors. The main advantage – it's availability. You do not spend extra money for the "name" or unnecessary security doors, as thieves can effectively prevent only complex of protective measures. Suppose you have installed an expensive door and now worry about their property. It's a pity, because there are no doors indehiscent, so it is best to install burglar and fire alarms. Value This service is relatively low, and no matter what door you may be, my dear, or Chinese, the protection of your premises will increase significantly.

Now about the reliability. Chinese metal doors are manufactured by modern technology of steel sheets more than a millimeter inside the reinforced ribs and elements of thicker steel. Also, reliable locks are applied with a high degree of secrecy. Therefore unfounded allegations of Chinese door in low burglary – at least misleading, if not a deliberate lie by competitors. Judge for yourself – for example, the 58th model doors "Outpost", whose production is in China (But, of course, under the strict supervision of Russian specialists), was successfully tested and received a certificate of FSI SRC "PROTECTION" the Interior Ministry, confirming the stability of class II to cracking. Not every company that sells even more expensive doors, can boast a similar achievement! Another obvious advantage of Chinese door, which immediately catches the eye – great design! For the available money, you get to choose from a huge number of finishes and colors. This allows you to pick up the door to even the most unusual interiors. Due to the aforementioned advantages, now the Chinese input metal doors are strong competition to other producers.

This is perhaps the most important reason for the huge amount about the Chinese anti-advertising "quality". Take, for instance stories about the Chinese opening the metal door "opener." But try to remember a lot of Have you seen the information that the thieves in this way reveal the input metal doors. Fortunately, this is just a myth created by unscrupulous competitors, does not shrink technologies Black PR. To illustrate this , it suffices to look at the video, which is just trying to open the 58th model doors "Outpost." Draw your own conclusions!