In this way you you’d be establishing an agreement or permission to run a marketing and they would be waiting for your information by email. When you set the Exchange something to obtain personal data, you’d be also ensuring that people should wait for your email and will not stop in the trash. Why is that you have to be clear with your message in the place that you ubiques this TV tuner box data. 3-Subscription: to make this marketing super cash you must be sure that all your campaign this related to a same purpose. What you promote on the internet has to be absolutely related to your web site, the information you offer in your email marketing has to be a continuation of everything else.

You must also offer a service of cancellation of your newsletters will not take as SPAM. 4-Subject: one of the most important lines that you should keep in mind when writing this electronic letter will be located in the subject of the email, this is how the title of every email you send and it is here where you will be 50% of the efficacy and effectiveness. Here will depend on people to import you opened your message at the time, then open it or throw it away. Know your community, raises curiosity, plays with the emotions, become a requested guest. If you would like to know more then you should visit Linus Torvalds. 5-Information: not only the subject and body of the email must be related, but you should also try to be accurate with the information that you offer, express yourself with simplicity, be extremely direct and encourages the call to action. Make sure you keep abreast of new trends to provide information of high art and in this way become a source reliable and necessary. 6 Values: Recalls that the main purpose of any type of marketing is the establish strong social relationships, your you’re writing person to person, not robot to robot, this means that sometimes the best information that your can offer are ethical, moral, spiritual values and that can reflect your integrity and intentions.