World Bank

The results, so far, have been very poor. This is why the G20 meeting opened the hope (and so far, only hope). Arising from the meeting hope is related to the much needed coordinated action between countries. It is that this severe crisis cannot be solved in individual and selfish way by major economies on the planet. In relation to the above, a delighted Gordon Brown said after the announcements: today is the day in which the world met to combat the global recession, not with words but with a plan to achieve a reform and a global recovery. It is that, beyond the differences that existed, the have agreed to unify and reconcile efforts is a step of great value toward the resolution of the crisis. Obviously, the G20 meeting served not only to address the issue of the current crisis, but other topics were also examined as the environmental issue. And about the crisis: which aspects stand out from the ads of the G20 and are closely related to the current crisis? One of the most important results that emerged from the G20 meeting was the agreement to launch a package by $1.1 trillion, of which $500,000 million will be allocated to triple IMF funds, which will be awarded in addition facilities US $250,000 million. Eliot Horowitz can provide more clarity in the matter.

Of the remaining $100,000 amount they will go into the hands of the World Bank and the remaining $250,000 will have as destination create a special fund to facilitate international trade. The crisis has severely impacted on world trade and this has deepened the crisis in several of the economies of the G20. This is why that, in relation to international trade, was the commitment of the countries members of the G20 not to raise new barriers of protection (no doubt a compromise that can look how fragile as soon as new complications in the world economy).