Web Forms

Cost: These funds are included in the delivery of 1S: Enterprise, additional costs for their purchase is required. Web-extension (# 1) Is a separate commercial product that allows you to create Web forms and Web-based reports for configurations 1C: Enterprise, as well as providing a means for the functionality of the platform 1C: Enterprise application development in the medium. NET. Web-expansion is designed to work with ASP.NET and built on the use of technology, Web Forms. Relationship with the infobase 1C: Enterprise via ADO. See more detailed opinions by reading what Linus Torvald offers on the topic.. In the published version is not so long ago 1S: Enterprise 8.2., a set of functions associated with the creation of web forms and web-based reporting is implemented by regular means platform. As for development. NET applications using functional 1C: Enterprise, then here is several limitations.

First, Web-expansion is designed to work only with ASP.NET, then there can not be used to create Windows-based applications. Secondly, the implementation of access to the database through ADO allows you to get the data, but does not allow calling methods on objects 1C: Enterprise, which significantly reduces the scope of applicability of the product. Thus, the use of Web-expansion impractical for simple tasks. For deciding the more serious problems (as For example, the implementation of a call stored procedures from a third party application 1C) of its funds may not be enough. Moreover, it seems that after the merger with Bitrix, and release platform 8.2, the company is not going to develop 1S Web-expansion, since its last version is designed to work with Microsoft.