Training: The Employment Agency Pays Every Price

New Portal provides information about funding opportunities, who is unemployed and would like to educate themselves employment agency can hope for at the support. However, not all training is paid also. In the area of distance learning, there is now a list of courses that are promoted. So far, the crisis is not yet fully hit through on the labour market. However, experts expect that the number of unemployed will continue to increase. Who is even longer time from the professional life out, is often difficult to get connection. In many cases, a continuing education or retraining can help to find a new job. Especially in the area of education, however, there are many, sometimes the courses cost money.

What many don’t know: there is the possibility that the employment agencies pay a training to 100%. To do this, some conditions must be met. So the training must be used specifically to find a work. Therefore, the direction in which you want to educate themselves should fit to your own CV. In addition, the course must be certified accordingly. In the official German, that is in the “Recognition and approval regulation training” (AZWV) regulated.

Looking for those the training, that means: If is a continuing education course or institution it adorns the four letters AZWV, so he can be promoted basically by the employment agency. The forms to apply for an education voucher, get applicants at the local employment agency. A possibility to use the voucher are correspondence courses (called also distance learning), which can be completed conveniently from home. So, you can gain a qualified degree E.g. in addition to raising children. The information portal on the subject of remote learning lists 50 courses can be funded through the education voucher with up to 100%, including courses such as specialist, real estate agent or Office Manager. The full list of all available courses can be obtained under. In addition, the website offers the possibility is free of charge and non-binding the To send to study guide of remote campuses. So can home alone be compared, which course in question comes. Also General information on redeeming the education voucher can be viewed on the Web page.