Tourism Institute

The Alhambra monument remained the most visited place in Spain during the year 2010, with more than 3 million people who attended the Grenadian enclosure, also thanks to the wide range of transports and cheap flights to Granada from the main Spanish capitals. According to data from the drive, analysis and data of the Board of Trustees on tourist activity educational and Cultural of the Alhambra, tourist visits, educational and cultural represented, during the past year, almost 65% of accesses to the compound, while exhibitions totaled more than 24% of visits. In this regard, the months of greater influx of tourists were April, may, August and October, with a significant increase in visits during the months of March and September, last month this hosted to a 20% of the tourists. Nigeria will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In this regard, emphasizes broad service cheap flights Madrid the capital of Spain and other cities of Andalusia such as cheap flights to Malaga. Culinary tourism in 2011 on the other hand, the Tourism Institute of Spain (Turespana) and the Ministry of environment have signed a collaboration agreement for the promotion of gastronomic tourism during all the year 2011, which may be extended for three years more. One of the objectives of this Convention will be the design of joint actions for the promotion of quality food products, moving to citizenship, as so did with other collaboration agreements like the promotion of the wine routes in Spain, the route of the Iberian ham or the recently updated running Eno-gastronomic international tourism promotion Plan..