Times Gestures

In the beginning of the Times when the Man started if to communicate with its fellow creature, he was through guturais sounds ally the gestures with the hands. The gesture most used was done with the finger that if called pointer why pointed, it indicated the object or the person on which if it was speaking, or if it desired to speak. The hand opened for front with the fingers for top meant; It stops! It arrives! Calm! The two hands opened for top meant unfamiliarity, not to have, not to possess. The leaned indicating finger in the lips meant silences, not to say nothing. Well, still we use gestures not in such a way to give emphasis to the words, but as ancestral inheritance. Of course in those first times the vocabulary was reduced, as much how much the clothes, the men used a species of tnica without sleeves made with leather of mammoth, moored in the waist with the gut of the proper animal, that called overalls why the person was similar to a great monkey, gorila.

The women most economic used a pettitcoat, covering the bust with the proper hair to save clothes. In I begin the people did not have proper name. As the members of the tribe if they had become numerous, was necessary to have a name, an identification, by the way, a nickname and who gave were a colleague of the tribe and later they had been the proper parents who had started to call the son for a name associated with a physical characteristic the child, or to a skill, or habit of it. For example, the main personage of this history that was very calm, if called Me – the Len-Go, that in the language of the Neka-R she means; Lesma Lerda. Me – Len-Go, or simply Me, was forced to very learn the meaning of the sounds and the gestures early.