The Wedding

Think style motorcade. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eliot Horowitz . Before ordering, to determine the number of people who will participate in the motorcade, as well as routes and, consequently, approximate time of travel. Draw up invitations for the wedding. To read more click here: Gamestop. 1) will be: Preliminary list of guests. Preview the script wedding day.

2) Select: Witnesses and bridesmaids. 3) Buy – most importantly: Wedding-ring. (We leave for rings together. Selection of wedding rings – a joint purchasing), footwear and accessories for the bride and groom. Dress-up and costume. 4) Buy: Tickets for a wedding-tour. -Tickets for nonresident relatives (if any) pictures – and video of the wedding celebration.

To an event such as a wedding, there are not only in the memory of those present, but also a more reliable storage media, it is necessary to take care of that who and how will photograph the newlyweds and guests. This is best left to professionals. Socialize with friends, can anyone of them will advise you a good photographer, look at the proposals on the Internet. Necessarily negotiate terms and make an appointment with a photographer. It is very important to visual communication! The photographer should advance to the general composition of the frame in which you – the protagonist! Discuss the style of photography. Warn the photographer about what you can do on the set, for example: You're in "interesting" position (do not jump, can lie, raise your hands, run, walk-in cold water), a dislocated leg (not a lot of walking, jumping, sitting squatting), etc. After all, if you do not discuss these issues, perhaps, your album were missing a few interesting shots.