The Water

When narre you what had happened, the owner (lived 400 miles from my city) contrary to my advice he insisted with only momentary repair to do, but at the same time it made me ask two plumbers who earlier had worked him for her budget (clarified that this) (owner no money was missing to say that it did not have the same to buy Thermo before my first tip). Here we see the first problem and was born. The owner before it receives three messages: 1 ) of the same nature that will send a small problem, that for now the Thermo only lost a little and had time to fix it without that the tenant will be left without water. 2 ) The message that was already well front and that was my own advice. 3 ) And the third message that came from the same plumber that was going to do the job, saying that regardless of the arrangement, to the water heater remained you not much life ahead.

Before these three messages the owner made deaf ears and decided by one of the two budgets ordered the completion of the work, but in the absence of coincidence of the schedules between the tenant and the plumber spent a few days and agravo problem, or I should say the real problem it emerged and the Thermo began to lose such an amount of water which showed that in reality it wasn’t a loss only of a Cano, but that was punctured (which has no solution) and that the initial loss had been simply a symptom of what was about to occur. Losing as much water as he could not be more and the tenant was running out of hot water until they bought a new Thermo. So far one can see as a problem is enlarged by not taking it decisively since the beginning. .