The Revolution Arrived In Venezuela

No shortage of promises and those who believe. The time of “revolution” had arrived. Venezuela would suffer a transformation such that only those who have shown their end know enough to tell it. Caruso is actively involved in the matter. A decade later: The Count of Acts A framework for reflection on the historical last decade of Venezuela, is a politically polarized society. This is evidenced by the recent surveys of governance. A government unable to provide solutions to the growing insecurity, where the time of writing this article, Venezuela ranks fourth worldwide in crime rate.

According to, a portal that gathers statistical data obtained from various government and private agencies worldwide, handles crime figures in 0.316138 per 1,000 inhabitants. Challenging problems facing the “Chavismo”, also known as the XXI century socialist revolution, is inefficient policies to combat administrative corruption, the energy crisis of water shortage, nationalization, expropriation, unemployment, political repression of dissent and its leadership, political prisoners, constant claims to human rights violations, the express intention of perpetual government prohibitions as a means of political persecution, lack of transparency in elections, the open repression against the media including closing opposed to the official media, waste of public funds, the amendments and suspected violations of the Constitution, international interference complaints against the government Venezuela from other nations in the region, the arms race, the separation of powers, the subordination of the judiciary to the executive, among others. The great reality of the “Revolutionary Venezuela” is the popular rebellion. The country was shaken violently to reject the great failure of the doctrine “XXI Century Socialism.” The postulates of the Commander, starting with that “Be Rich is Bad” does not coexist with the social personality of the Venezuelan bourgeois life used to. Venezuelan AL like “good”, “how expensive”, “tags” and this idiosyncrasy is counterproductive to the Cuban socialism as it is evident that is being imposed in the country. This ideology does not fit the pro-Chavez social or mental profile of a people that is intransigence when it comes to their liberties and their democracy. The inconsistency of the gospel is that Chavez denies the bourgeois lifestyle of the people, but ironically the government enjoys, its officers and their families. For Venezuela, there will be no social contract with this ideology because the government has failed in its political project connected with the people of democratic way, but strength of voice and mandate overcoming the constitution which has been suitably amended to satisfy personal interests and where it is clear to see the desperation to control all accusing and persecuting political spaces and judicial politics who think differently from the doctrine ruling. Control hunger, lust of power, blatant and threatening speech of President Chavez, will be able to captivate those who are weak of mind political, but who have enough character to overcome the deceptions and inconsistencies in the ideology of “Socialist XXI Century “are in a better position to fight for a future that is possible even if it costs blood.