The Representation

The existential logic depends on the experience to be constructed and the memory to be memorized and to be filed, as well as it depends on new experiences to be renewed. Each new experience is the propeller force of creation and/or alteration of our existential logic. The existential logic is the representation of our truths, of the elements that we believe and we use in our interaction with the interior and exterior world. The existential logic if differentiates of the rational, because, beyond the cognitivos elements, the emotional expressions are part of its composition. It is through the existential logic that we configure standards of existential references, that will go to determine the form to act and to react to that it happens in them.

The existential logic determines the way as we will go to react to the stimulatons, taking off of the emotion its impulsive character. Since we are moved, in our process of interaction, for existential logics and each one of them it has an idea force that dirige our attitudes, behaviors and thoughts; I ask: It will be that it is the emotional a bigger cause of our sufferings and of our disequilibria or will be the way as interpret our experiences, through our existential logic, the causer of everything? Let us think! If each experience generates an idea force and this, in turn, generates an existential logic that, in turn, if it uses of different emotional expressions to disclose to the exterior world what we are feeling; how, then, to keep and to justify an emotional expression without the reason is not present? In the construction of the existential logic, reason and emotion are partners. Both are parts of the same tram, not being able to be analyzed separately. Each one inside has its function of the construction and the expression of our existential logic.