The Presence

In general way, the presence of? human being? he is made in direct way in four them selected drawings, being in excessively of indirect form, notadamente by means of the constructions. However if he cannot affirm that the pupils have this clarity, since this proposal it was carried through only as graphical representation. It is reaffirmed in compliance with Saints (2002, P. 206) that ' ' the drawn elements are on to the culture of each individual, permeados for the game of imaginao' '. In the drawings, one proves the pupils they had not been worried in delimiting or locating States, regions cities, even so have pointed elements related to its city, associates to the elements to be able and field of forces. Finally, it is proven in the drawings, the presence of the place in its representations as marks of its daily or expression of belonging materializing itself in squares, fishing, churches or same companies, space distributed in the city where they live. In more specific way regarding the territory concept, it is distinguished with Saints (2004, P. 96) that: The territory is not only the overlapping of a set of natural systems and a set of a system of things created for the man.

The territory is the soil more the population, that is one identity, the fact and the feeling to belong what it belongs in them. The territory is to the base of the work, the residence, the material exchanges and spirituals and the life on which it influences. When it is said in territory must, therefore of soon understanding that it is speaking of used territory used by one given population. In the drawings of the pupils it was possible to perceive the presence of elements associates to the power, the exclusion, to the place, the physical phenomena (rivers, dry) and the decurrent actions of the society (diverse constructions).