The King Knows

Why not to open the ears to hear what God has in saying this above all to them? Who has heard to hear, hears. Mateus 11:15 Loving the lie Already is possible to notice the effect of the human love for the lie characterized in the false philosophies. The society modern is promoting the reinforcement of the race human being of a form until then never seen. However, this reinforcement is based on the malice and discloses how much the holy ghosts are distanciados of the purest teachings: incurvates the language as if it was its arc, for the lie; they are fortified in the land, but the truth does not stop; because they advance of malice in malice, and me they do not know me, you says. Jeremias 9:3 – He notices that the prophecy is speaking that the world will advance ' ' of malice in malcia' ' , showing clearly that they do not only know as they do not want to know the God. Already in another prophecy he is clearly that the same humanity knew the God through the pregao of the Evangelho per 21 centuries, exactly thus Jesus Christ did not obtain to be acclaimed as King of no nation of the land: having known the God, they had not glorified it as God, nor had given favours to it, before in its speeches if they had vanished, and its heart insensato if he overshadowed.

Rm. 1:21 the world lies in malignant Without the direction of Jesus Christ the world is in darknesses and lies in the malignant one. He is died for God, in the presence and under the direction of the devil: We know that we are of God, and that the whole world is in the malignant one. 1 Joo 5:19. While the Church of Jesus is in the light produced for the Evangelho, the world in such a way loved the lie that has established its done dolos of wood, plaster, rock and gold, as its ' ' deuses' ' national.New sky and New terrSo 21 centuries where Jesus Christ if has become King of some, but not of all.