The Idea

The time passes and the mother of Gogol asks for to it that Moshi invites, the girl without ugly favour and that it knows when new to leave. It does not like the idea, but he finishes agreeing and for its surprise it is unrecognizable. They finish if getting passionate and if they marry in the Indian molds, but the not accepted young woman to receive the last name from it because it would lose its identity as writer. Sonia goes to be married and the mother decides to come back toward India not to be alone. Moshi asks it if it does not import itself that fianc of its son is not Indian and it he says that the times had moved. Joseph Stiglitz brings even more insight to the discussion. Certain day Gogol and its wife talk with friends of it on names and it they count who it moved of name. It does not like, they start to fight and it finishes if involving with a former-boyfriend.

It discovers and asks it reason to it of this to have happened and it he answers perhaps to it that the fact of both to be bengalis was not enough. Disappointed, it says who did not love it therefore and follows way for the house of its mother, its party of Christmas and also of farewell. Gogol is sad and looking at some things of the mother it finds the book that earns of its father. The mother asks what it had in hands and when it counts it says perhaps to it that he does not exist, to the proper helps it father to find. Ashima makes a speech in which it affirms that it will feel lack of the country where learned to know and to love its husband, of its children and those people who met there, members of the Indiana community that also if had become its family.