The Economy

Seems that the more novel more capable, much younger more convenient. Thus things, therefore, have forced me to hang the chimpunes and without having had large campaigns, neither having won what the footballers of today they earn. Now I regret not having chosen football as a profession. Perhaps if I had put more interest when I decided to try me in a district League another it would have been the thing. Because I believe that bad I did it. A single contract in the professional if someone I discovered and I then assured economically.

Just look at the rise of the footballers of the first order to know the huge difference between entertainment producers and other producers of society. Revising the figures of what some of them earn by year, months, hours and even minutes like millions, thousands and hundreds of euros and dollars is to stay silent and stunned. And to think I day, at my last job, took out daily 27 soles that current exchange rates would be $10. In the end is to sigh. There have been moments in which shared a call or training for work with young people who could be my younger brothers.

Yes, they increasingly younger and I increasingly old. It must also take into account that since women began their path of independence, because I had to compete the post many times with a woman. Moreover, several announcements of employment expressly asks female staff sometimes with better pay than others of the same activity. I can assure you that I did not post not by lack of conditions or training. If I have to compete now with a woman, I also have to do against the own age. So I’m out of the game. In a country which say the analysts, it grows in large numbers on the economy, I am part of the figure that is not included in the economic development. I’m the part of statistics that lies on the other side of the bonanza, aside from the opportunities offered to few (especially young people) and denied to many, especially old men like me.One that has to get used to playing in the minor leagues or in masters tournaments. Removed by force and never by choice. Almost resigned to receiving gratuities for the cachuelos when someone does not want to perform. Crowded seller requests as if not serve more to sell and without really knowing what. (as if everyone had an innate spirit of seller). Finally faced with the reality of which has aged prematurely. Well, after all, this free and idle time perhaps a good opportunity to share these lines with the readers. And as this looks for long, because I think I’m going to stay sitting here writing my autobiography.