The Difference

The process cost rate, legal expenses insurance accepts the costs incurred only, when it really comes to a process. The cost for advice, a sometimes many years back and write here the lawyers including attempting to some, perhaps even without a process borne by the customer itself. Result event and causal theory with regard to the topic “legal expenses insurance comparison – what watch?” is also useful to be aware of the difference between the result event theory and causal theory. The difference lies in the evaluation of the time of the damage occurred. The causal theory it refers, when the damage was established, so causally began – this time may be quite before the conclusion of the insurance contract.

The result event theory States that a damage that occurred only after legal expenses insurance, is fully insured, also if he been causally established in the past. If for example an accident, the leads to litigation, due to factory error-installed brakes happens no insurance protection would given circumstances according to the causal theory if the car was bought only after legal expenses insurance. Insurance protection according to the result event theory would be, but in this case because here the day of the accident as a date is assumed. Insurance, was at the time of the accident so this occurs after the result event theory. Ballot and Schiedsgutachterverfahren more important terms about which one should learn in advance, are the casting vote and the Schiedsgutachterverfahren.

In the ballot, it comes that can resist the policyholder in the event of rejection of cost coverage through the legal expenses insurers against that decision and the own lawyer has the last word. In the Schiedsgutachterverfahren, the Schiedsgutachter has the last word in this regard and the customer can do nothing. Comparison is often in a legal expenses insurance an insurance settlement program to the Assistance used, allows a comparison of the different services, for example, in the form of a positive / negative list. You should pay attention but in any case not only on the annual premium. The services to be compared are much more important. And please note that there are often different long wait before the services of your certainly carefully selected insurance actually in force.