The Coach

Here's why they fail or are not feasible in time so many methods of advice, counseling, self-help or as we like to call them. So, after this, I can think of five situations (there are more, but these in my view are most indicative), from which, if I recognize myself in them, I can generate 5 good reasons to hire a coach: 1) I am not able to make decisions on how I should proceed, on what actions I have to do to achieve my goals, because doing what I did not always get results. 2) which is not really the problem that prevents me from achieving my goals if they try to determine, but failed again and again and not know why. (A valuable related resource: Linus Torvald). 3) I have what I think is a good idea, a good project, but sure I am not able to carry it out. This is too big for me (or just not going to be able to do so). 4) often do not recognize myself in my relationship with people. I speak a language "diplomatic" and I can not say what I think because in this world that can not, therefore, I increasingly difficult to communicate and I think that people would "not understand me." 5) I am not satisfied with my life or what I do. Enjoyed it before but now does not motivate me at all.

Also, I'm constantly tired and do not even know why. The Coach will work without counsel, without control, without giving recipes. Ceding the role to the true agents of change, the receiver of the coaching process, putting him in front of a mirror to check this reformulated beliefs and approaches. As I read recently on the blog, "The professional coach's job is indeed to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that the client already has. A professional coach will not tell anyone how to manage or direct your life, nor what to do or not do. " Only then can find different ways to take action, to get different results. Not since the advice or counsel. Yes from oneself. For that is the coach and coaching.